It is said that the Derevo – a sort of theatrical consortium – consists of five theatrical groups of different styles.

It is in fact difficult to compare the play Once – a clownish story of love with The Red Zone which marked the beginning of Petersburg’s underground and evoked controversies among critics. Yet another play of a different character was The Rider where Derevo demonstrates the application of nearly all theatrical styles. So is the play The Southern Border, a combination of cinema and theatre. The play was constructed upon a quote by Borges: “In that country things lose colors or even fade away if people forget about them”.

Reflection is a play by Tanya Khabarova and it is in fact a penetration of the language and theatrical form of The Red Zone. Tanya’s work is based on a masterful manipulation of emotional pressure and form connected with the first manifesto of Derevo: “We believe that the human head is lowered and heaven begins just over the ground”.