The performance uses the composition “Comming together” by Frederik Rżewski and excerpts from the poem by Marcin Świetlicki “Majakowski”.
The creators of Akademia Ruchu write about the performance “Song”: Our collective memory stores only memories of archaic rebellions, anachronistic revolutions. We have gained more freedom, but we have lost one-way, collective orientation. The homogeneous, contrasting criteria previously created by solidarity against violence have ceased to function. Our awareness is expressed by the results of a statistical method of public opinion poll. Our awareness is shaped by the results of the statistical method of public opinion poll.

“Song” resembles a self-propelling mechanism in which in the rhythm of techno, like in an automatic washing machine, images and meanings swirl. Academics, using seemingly random gestures observed in the streets, distill on the stage and dose pure nonsense in uneven portions. However, in reality they perform a kind of psychoanalysis of everyday life – Paweł Goźliński “Życie Warszawy”