The Battleship Potiomkin and Other Stories combines the features of the visual action with a street performance. The Theatre had been engaged in this kind of experiments since 1983, presenting them at theatre festivals all over Europe, among others at the Programme Copenhagen, the Cultural Capital of Europe ’96 or at the International Theatre Festival Malta ’97 in Poznań.
By using the elements of synthetic acting, visual actions and symbols, the play attempts to clarify the problems of the active attitude towards the past and present which evokes decisions and actions the result of which remain unknown.
The square where the action takes place is covered with white paper, thus becoming a great “operational field” ready to accept healing cuts and other methods of releasing good or bad energy. That field is a place of exposition of historical figures, as well as anonymous strategists of big and small matters. It also becomes an operational staff field on which the actors move the fleets of ships and planes.
The play by Akademia Ruchu is a kind of artistic intervention into everyday life of city space. It shows that people should acquire certain knowledge and faith to help defend their dignity in the conditions of physical and metaphysical evolution of reality since they are active participants of historic changes and actors in theatre of everyday life.