Kate-Me Group is formed by five talented musicians. They are especially interested in the music of Brittany but they add various musical trends that in the end create an original, modern musical world. The essence of the Group’s experiments is the Gallic singing tradition. The repertoire of the Group consists of old regional songs which – due to new arrangements – acquire a live form.
Kate-Me in Gallic means “with me”, “with us”, “together” but the name of the group comes from the Breton abbreviations of the words “ka” – traditional dance, song, music, “te” which means drums and bagpipes, and “me” which stands for electronic rhythms, funky, jazz or rap.
Kate-Me is a group playing music for the most demanding and experienced audience. It plays love songs sweet as sugar, songs about unhappy love, deep as red wine, and a little sour and coarse feast songs, as well as merry songs bubbling with humor like champagne. It also performs tunes for dancing that penetrate one’s body like strong alcohol, make feet move and warm the hearts. The musicians from Kate-Me offer the audience “drinks” that are carefully selected and are a choice of instrumental taste, the taste of imagination.