Ośrodek Praktyk Teatralnych Gardzienice. It was founde in 1977 in Gradzienice Village, 30 kilometers from Lublin. Its founder and director is Włodzimierz Staniewski. The literary inspiration of the latest performance, the first show of which will be at the Festival, is a novel by Apuleius “The Metamorphosis or the Golden Ass”.
– “Metamorphosis” is composed of chords put to sleep in stones; the stones that formed the basis of the European, Mediterranean culture. (…) The phrases sung, danced, recreated and created in “Metamorphosis” had been inscribed in monuments, steles, and statues of the past ages. Gardzienice deciphered them. They provided body and soul to them – Franciszek Piątkowski “Dziennik Wschodni”