A play by a duo from Legnica: Krzysztof Kopka (script) and Jacek Głomb (idea and directing), is the first theatre performance about the history of this copper-rich industrial region told from the perspective of miners’ brass orchestra members. The result is a bittersweet, at times funny, at times moving ballade, a mixture of history and myth, truth and legend, important matters and anecdotes.
“Miners’ brass orchestra brings together people of different social origin and professional positions, where a foreman and a pit worker, a collaborator of the communist government and a Solidarity activist all have equal rights. Their position in the structures of the mine does not count there. It is more important how good of a trumpet player somebody is. At least that is how it was before free market, privatisation and capitalism. One of the protagonists says in the performance ‘That was the time, when everything fell apart. We always stayed together, only money was able to set us apart.’” – said Jacek Głomb, the man behind the performance, in his interview for Gazeta Wyborcza.
“It is a clever stylistic solution to tell the story of the transformation that took place over the last fifty years in Poland through the lives of the members of miners’ orchestra. Events from their lives manage to glue together historical facts and explain complicated reasons for the changes. But first of all, it is a story of people trapped by the mechanism of history.”
(Piotr Grzymisławski, e-teatr.pl)