Professor Zbigniew Hołda Award Ceremony will be held for the third time during the Festival. Zbigniew Hołda was an eminent lawyer and a resident of Lublin, who for many years was actively interested in human rights and penitentiary law. He was also a defender of freedom of artistic expression. The Professor Zbigniew Hołda Association gathers fellow lawyers and the students of Professor Hołda, who are willing to stay faithful to the objectives he set for himself in his personal and professional life.

In past years, the award was given to Ewa Milewicz and Halina Bortnowska. This year the award ceremony will be accompanied by a lecture delivered by Professor Karol Modzelewski.

After the opening, in the space of the foyer of the Black Room of the Centre for Culture, the attendees of the ceremony will have the possibility to see an exhibition of cartoons and comic strips. The works were created by the inmates of the Custody Suite in Lublin during workshops which for several months were held by Daniel “Gedeon” Grzeszkiewicz. The exhibition is organised within the framework of the Project entitled: “Workshops and Performance Activities for Socially Excluded People”, implemented by the Centre for Culture in Lublin jointly with Prison Service.