“It happened again. Once more someone pulls one thread out of the web called Polish theatre to use it to tailor a new patchwork. Yet again the right proportions between what’s “mine” and what’s “alien” are being negotiated. Someone looks at themselves in a set of multiplied mirrors. In “theatricalness” Mateusz Nowak and Stanisław Miedziewski refer to the noble attitude of bewilderment described by Schaefer, who encourages us to look under the surface of things that are around us, especially the true essence of things, that is creative performing. “Playing with the play,” they offer theatre that is suspicious and ironic about its own traditions, but at the same time theatre open, expecting the moment when it will be seen. Theatre attending the fair of ideas, rummaging through keys and hints. Psychology, body, literature, journalism? We’ve got it all. Come in, buy, leave the stall.”

(Grzegorz Kondrasiuk)