Trebunie Tutki is a musical family from Biały Dunajec in Tatra Mountains. Without loosing its original character, it has undergone an evolution from a folk band from the mountain region to a group touring the most renowned festivals featuring World Music. VOO VOO is a band with an open formula of creating music. Its members are outstanding musicians Wojciech Waglewski, Mateusz Pospieszalski, Karim Martusewicz and Piotr „Stopa” Zy¿lewicz. VOO VOO have recorded over 30 CDs (including music for film and theatre). They give over 100 concerts a year. „Tischner”, a performance of poetry and music originated from the fascination with Priest Józef Tischner, his spiritual and intellectual condition of. It comprises songs with music by VOO VOO and lyrical texts by Roman Ko³akowski based on Tischner’s writings. The songs are performed by Trebunie Tutki and VOO VOO .