A one-man alternative opera by Szymon Kasprowicz, supplemented with a sensory language of the multimedia installation. 

On a conceptual level, it is a form of the inner dialogue, which is based on “loneliness-community-alone(liness)” scheme. With a moment of awakening from the existential lethargy, a flash of self-awareness begins to unravel the layers of unconsciousness and emphatically question the existing state in every possible dimension. It opens a process of the ego deconstruction, which is aimed against projections and paradigms that constitute the identity of the human being. It is supposed to reveal the organic truth about the nature of subjectivity and phrase a fundamental punchline, which paradoxically becomes a question.

On a processual dimension, “Vivisections” project is an autotherapeutic biography of the artist and case study. Considering a time lapse, mustered distance and collaboration with creative partners (Arkadiusz Sławek, Natalia Trojgo, Małgorzata Wasilek), it takes on a universal  meaning, displacing an affective generalization and concentration on the individual experience. Eventually, art subjectifies itself, imposing some kind of emotional and intellectual form on the artist, regarding which he becomes derivative.

The project is implemented within the framework of the President of the City of Lublin Scholarship.


visual piece
Arkadiusz Sławek

video, visual piece
Natalia Trojgo

visual piece
Małgorzata Wasilek


Szymon Kasprowicz

production cooperation
Natalia Trojgo


Centre for Culture in Lublin