„The Marriage” is the first Slovenian production of Gombrowicz’s play, in which an oneiric vision of constructing the world becomes a new reality. It is a destruction of history, logic, psychology; at the same time, a quest for a pure form from which the new world and new values originate. The director creates an authentic cosmos there; Gombrowicz’s words acquire new meanings and their context change. The psychology of dreams provides an entirely new interpretation. Oneiric logic floats between the stage and audience, developing the fantastic world of nightmares and dispersed logic. The public get a weird and wonderful impression of constituting a part of this dreamlike experience, and it is – as the Slovenian critic Jasen Boko notices – exceptional in theatre. It is a specimen of the mature art of directing, well-conceived and profuse in associations, where questions asked by the artists follow Gombrowicz’s doubts. What an attitude should we assume in this new world where logic is so hard to find? – enquires Jasne Boko.