Teatr Cinema was founded in 1992 by Katarzyna Rotkiewicz-Szumska, Zbigniew Szumaski and the actors from Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra. They purchased a large, old house in Michałowice near Jelenia Góra and started their work there. The stylistics of the Theatre based on absurd sense of humour and surrealism out of the best European School soon became recognisable and so has the protagonist: a pale man, dressed in black, wearing a bowler-hat with a lost, shy way of looking at things. He was a multiplied Charlie Chaplin in the world of pure nonsense.
“Slow recreation of the appearance and behaviour of neighbours from the sounds coming through the walls and from suspicions.
The walls behind our backs move and hit our heels. Searching for the diminishing space.
One may not leave anywhere but one should pack. During visits, ceremonies and anniversaries, the members of the family try to occupy a lesser space than on souvenir photographs. They are milling around and devastating.
Christmas. Revolution. Barricades out of furniture during cleaning and killing the royal carps. The family honour with no balance. One does not know whether to lie or stand. Furnishing the house. One knows directions but there are no furniture to move”.

From the Director’s notes