is a group of madmen connected with the artistic environment of Lublin, who in February 2012 started a project together. The role of its coordinator accepted Dariusz Jeż, an actor known in Lublin from his roles in the performances by InVitro PraPremiere Stage and neTTheatre. The aim of the group is to engage people who are excluded from the society for many reasons (illness, homelessness, disability, imprisonment) in artistic and cultural activity. Our first project is directed mainly at prisoners. The instructors try to help them discover new talents, hidden passions and interests. The workshops commenced in June 2012 at the prison in Opole Lubelskie. Groups with carefully selected members are working on the performance “Midsummer’s Night Dream” directed by Joanna Lewicka. Participants of the projects are prisoners, many of whom were sentenced to a long time in prison. Some of them work also on the stage design for the performance (workshops conducted by Jacek Fijałkowski). Costumes will be designed and made by a team selected from the social housing estate at the Grygowa Street in Lublin, (workshop conducted by Marta “El Bruzda” Góźdź). The prisoners in Opole Lubelskie are also working on the statuette of the Professor Zbigniew Hołda Award (under the supervision of Tomasz Bielak).