“I reached Alcobaça. Here, in the Monastery of the Cistercian Order I noticed two tombs. The white stone tied them together in a mysterious way. Two bodied were resting in catafalques like in two beds, their feet facing each other, so in the moment of resurrection they will fall directly into each other’s arms. Their desire to remain together after death reflected the strength of love of Ines and Pedro. I crushed those stone beds frozen as if in a dream with my imagination. I wanted to go back to the beginning of the relationship of two young lovers that was filled with drama, passion and burning desire. It seemed their bliss would last forever, but is was brutally and deceitfully broken, leaving the Portuguese King Pedro with Ines’s dead body in his arms. Those who committed this terrible crime on the beautiful Castilian are leaving this world one by one. The power of love brings Ines back to life and lets her lover crown her as his Queen in the local church. And a learned monk writes in ‘Alcobaça ilustrada’ what follows: ‘The king said to bring the dead body and put it on the throne. The Prior brought a golden crown, and the king took part in an odd ceremony, witnessed by all present, of Leszek Mądzik ACTA – Companhia de Teatro do Algarve is a university theatre group existing since March 1998. It was founded at the University in Algevre and is directed by José Louro. It engages in artistic as well as social and educational activity and its main inspirations are the works of Shakespeare, Albert Camus, Thomas Bernard, Michael Frayn, Sophokles, Saramago, Mozart, Offenbach, Ethel Smith and many other classics and contemporary authors.