Mechanisms of Reality

Europe was first conquered by the Italian neorealism in film and then the French New Wave; at the end of […]

Piotr BernardynThe Sun Has Not Risen Yet: Tsunami and Fukushima.

Haruki Murakami, the most popular Japanese writer of today, when collecting a literary award in Barcelona in June 2011, devoted […]

Bart Capelle rozmawia Interview with Christophe Meierhans

What made you want to create a new constitution? And in what sense will it be different from democracy? I […]

Lost, found and remade

Working as an archivist really made me think about why we have this unbridled, passionate drive to preserve ourselves on […]

Dragan KlaićAbout “Resetting the Stage”. Why do we need public theatre?

Together with local authorities and theatre people, we would like to discuss the role of public theatre in today’s society. […]

Iulia PopoviciContemporary Performing Arts in Romania

Four performing arts works that might appear as not having much in common, and yet, the lines that connect them […]

Raja ShehadehPalestinian Walks. Notes on a Vanishing Landscape

I met Louisa Waugh in Edinburgh. She is a writer, and had written a book about Mongolia, where she lived […]

Chantal PontbriandThe idea of Community Rather Than the Coimmunity to Come

Present within contemporary art since the mid-‘80s: the subject of community touches all aspects of artistic practice. It manifests itself […]

Aneta Kyzioł’s conversation with Jolanta Janiczak and Wiktor RubinTo touch or not to touch?

“Catherine the Great” you staged in Stefan Żeromski Theatre in Kielce has become a box-office hit. The scene when the […]

Gob SquadOn Structure

Your first performances such as House or Work were actually very wild and interactive. Your walk around as an audience […]

Allen J. Kuharski This is Not Chopin

Aphasia My first exposure to Chopin’s two “Piano Concertos” was recent: listening to the Vietnamese pianist Dang Thai Son playing […]

Joanna KrakowskaQueer – bourgeois entertainment?

New York’s Joe’s Pub is a special place. An in-between place, a space of liminality. Not so off anymore, but […]

Marta Keil, Grzegorz Reskecollective / romania / identity

The programme of this year’s Confrontations focuses on three overlapping themes: collective / romania / identity. We invited to Lublin […]