Marta KeilHeiner Goebbels – artist, curator, teacher, …?

A music critic once said that he prefers Heiner Goebbels working in the theatre rather than composing. Theatre critics, on […]

Lukáš JirickI want to leave the subject open

When were you first affected by radio as a medium and by radio art? Was it in your youth in […]


CHOREOGRAPHING DISPOSITIFS In dance criticism, Le Roy’s background in molecular biology has provided a convenient rationale for understanding his researchoriented […]

Xavier Le Roy and Bojana CvejicThe End with Judgement by Way of Clarification

Xavier Le Roy: Because we cannot escape this terminology any longer what is your understanding of conceptual dance? What is […]

Materials sent by the theatre Tworki, Contexts

“(…) for it is of the essence of all things to communicate their spiritual content.” “Language communicates its spiritual contents […]

Simon SheikhRepresentation, Contestation and Power: The Artist as Public Intellectual

A central issue for critical artists today is the question of interactions with the apparatus surrounding art production: the parameters […]

Grzegorz SroczyńskiI Miss Men in Sweaters

Polish middle class has turned their back on ethos. Words like “the state”, “the intelligentsia”, “social justice” became anachronistic. They […]

Katarzyna LemańskaWojtek Ziemilski’s extended theatre

In his projects, Wojtek Ziemilski explores the changing status of the spectator (participant, co-author, partner) in accordance with the degree […]

Iwona UbermanA myth undergoes a test – Polish political-social theatre from the German perspective

If one looks at a landscape of the German theatre from the Polish perspective, it is hard not to notice […]

Gerald Raunign-1. Making Multiplicity. A Philosophical Manifesto

Occupation without subject. Movement without subject. Asubjective composition. The occupation movements of the last years have been characterized by their […]

Jacek Dukaj, Przemysław Czapliński, Paweł Dunin-Wąsowicz, Roman KurkiewiczA discussion about “Ice”

Przemysław Czapliński: (…) What does freezing represent in this novel? How important is psychology, human interactions or one protagonist’s opinion […]

Tadeusz KotarbińskiThe Problem of the Existence of the Future

After this somewhat longish introduction, the time has come for a brief conclusion. We assume that although all truths are […]

Anna R. BurzyńskaThe Art of Erasing, the Art of Remembering

1.Over the last couple of decades the “copypaste” command has secured its position in the top ten of creative directives. […]

Tomasz PlataRemixes. What are they? What are they for?

One could probably try and create a theory for it. The very concept of the remix opens up many possibilities. […]

Komuna WarszawaRemixes

Remix is an important gesture of contemporary culture; reaching for the works of other artists to build your own story […]

Tea Tupajić & Petra ZankiLetter to Marta Keil and Grzegorz Reske

Dear Marta Keil and Grzegorz Reske, Thank you so much for your interest in our project. We would like to […]