Stephen BottomsCritical Exposure: Politics, Erotics, and Penny Arcade. Extracts

In the clubs, galleries and alternative theatres of downtown New York, during a period stretching from the late 1970s through […]


Sometimes a name is more than just a name. When the director Jan Lauwers set up a new theatre company […]

Kana TheatreProject: Mother

Project: MOTHER is a twisted, irony-ridden and humorous tale of young mothers discovering both light and “dark” aspects of motherhood, […]

Six Verbs Movement

Six Verbs Movement is a creative experiment and an ongoing artistic research project which takes place in the public space of Lublin […]

Joanna KrakowskaDecency Clause Revisited

Censorship was abolished in Poland 25 years ago – thus collapsed one of the last institutions of the authoritative communist […]

Agnieszka SosnowskaThe “Pygmalion” Effect

The box Wojtek Ziemilski likes to create theatrical scenarios which involve the public, drawing them into participation. In his Prologue (2012), […]


“Over the course of a year I promised myself to read at least one speech a day. Doing so, I read more than a thousand speeches […]

Ellie CovanCitizen Reno

I consider myself extremely lucky to have witnessed Reno work literally hundreds of times in my living room, better known as Dixon Place, a laboratory […]

Holly HughesLeft Wanting

In Fall 2012, just as the sun was walking off the job, sentencing those of us in the Upper Midwest […]

Bojana Cvejić Writing Attenders in Xavier le Roy’s Untitled

Subtractions within the theatrical apparatus Before the performance of Untitled actually begins, the subtraction of its apparatus of theatrical representation has already […]

Michał WybieralskiPoznan as one choir

People knew, yet kept quiet – that is the heart of the matter. For many, many years, the conductor of […]

David RománRebel Without a Pause

What a relief to have Reno in the world and on the stage! Reno, a performer so peculiar that she perverts any easy […]

Richard MeyerHolly Hughes and the Case Against Censorship

This part of the script isn’t finished. My role in the Culture War is still very much a work in progress, […]

20th Confrontations FestivalDecency Clause

One of the programming leitmotifs of this year’s Festival is “Decency Clause” that we have prepared together with Dr Joanna Krakowska, the […]

20 years of Confrontations. What next?

Since its inception, Theatre Confrontations Festival has undermined and exploded the limits of theatre, plotting out new ways of thinking […]